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Welcome to Nordland Healthcare​

At Nordland Healthcare​ our goal is to improve the conditions for both staff and patients.

Nordland Healthcare is happy to present the unique MultiLift550 as a serious, stable and flexible alternative in transfers of disabled and seniors.

The unique features helps transfer the patient all over the indoor perimiter, and MultiLift550 is also capable of assisting in fall accidents, together with saving human ressources, without interfering with the service level.

Continue to read futher, and see what options and posibilities the MultiLift550 can do for you, your staff and patients.

​Nordland Automatic has coorperated with One Stop Shop in order to develop a unique bedlifter, that makes it possible to clean beds and wards, on site.

This means focus can be attended to patients without using time on transfering beds back and forth.

The Bedlift is still in the development phase, and Aalborg University Hospital is the place where it is tested, with feedback comming in continuously.

You will find more information regarding the Bedlift on this website.

Nordland Healthcare welcomes you.


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